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Our Mission is named in honor of my Daddy, Sgt. Ardie Ray Copas

Sgt. ardie ray copas

Naming the Ardie R Copas State Veterans' Nursing Home of St. Lucie County, Florida!

Shyrell Copas, holding father's CMOH, with mother, Betsy Copas Cintonz, widow of Sgt. Copas, and Gov Scott with his cabinet at the Official naming in Tallahassee, FL.

Embracing her Great-Grandfather's Congressional Medal of Honor

Hanna Garrett, ground-breaking Ceremony of the Ardie R Copas State Veterans' Nursing Home 2018.

great-grandbaby fighting over the "necklace"

In 2018 at the ground-breaking of the Ardie R Copas State Veterans' Nursing Home, Carly Garrett, four year old Great-Grandbaby of Sgt. Copas, insisting to hold the "necklace" as she screamed out, "I want to hold the necklace!" Mimi terrified she's going to drop it right in front of Gov. Scott... Of course, don't you know the Gov melts at that and must side with the four year old Grandbaby, "Let that baby hold the necklace!" is is actual reply, I LOVED it, and yes, of course the "baby" gets her way and the necklace!

FIRST Veteran Resident - July 7, 2022 - Ardie R Copas State Veterans Nursing Home

Happy to be home! We can hardly catch him! Proud to be a part of this wonderful, amazing and beautiful HOME for my Veteran Family!

Schofield Base - WAIKIKI, hawaii

Schofield Barrack #1492 - Waikiki, HI - dedicated to Sgt. Ardie Ray Copas, November 10, 2021.

What an emotional experience all of this is for me and my Mommy! These are happy, hard tears we GET to cry....


Copas Barracks, Hawaii

Ardie R Copas State Veterans Nursing Home

Copas Family & Gov. Scott 2018, now Senator Scott

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